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About the company

        “Alyans AVIS” was founded in 2001 and proved to be a reliable business partner. Over these years, we built and commissioned more than 1 mln. square meters of commercial, residential, office and warehouse spaces. In 2003, “Alyans AVIS”  carried out a comprehensive reconstruction of A. Shilov’s Art Gallery at 5 Znamenka Street in Moscow. For this project the General Director of the company received a status of Honorable Builder awarded by Mr. Yu.M. Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow.

       In 2002, “BONS” LLC, which successfully operates in the construction market for over a decade, was established on the basis of “Alyans AVIS” . This company focuses on the reconstruction of historical objects. Currently, “BONS” LLC is engaged in a project of Aleksandra Solzhenitzina Street reconstruction aimed to restore the historical city-planning environment for the cultural heritage of Moscow, with the use of spacific materials and techniques characteristic for the 19th century.

        The three key factors of our success are quality, responsibility and strict observance of commitments. We are always open for cooperation. If you choose us, you can be sure that you made a right choice, because we can guarantee high quality of work.